This site gathers and shares all tools and services available to improve the outcome of meetings, conferences or events via change & innovation leading to positive impact for stake holders. It is about meeting design and the toolbox to get meetings more fun, better networking and learning.

5 Meeting Design Campfires at IMEX America

14 Oct 2014 11:00
16 Oct 2014 14:30
IMEX America
Heading to IMEX America and seeking some education on meeting design? Join any of five meeting design campfires at the booth 1567 (Meeting Design Insitute). 

During three days of the show you will have an opportunity to discuss various topics within meeting design with industry experts from the Meeting Design Insitute Community. See below the full programme:

The Innovation Zone

18 Nov 2014 10:00
20 Nov 2014 17:00
Barcelona, Spain, EIBTM
email contact person: 
The EIBTM 2014 Innovation Zone will be full of surprises, new inventions or smart tools to make meetings better. The MDI is proud to help the EIBTM Brain Trust in designing and populating this amazing area on the show floor. Innovations are all around and the 2014 selection represents a broad approach to innovation in our industry.

New MDI Member | Lanyon Solutions Inc

The Smart Events TM Cloud combines our leading technologies for strategic meetings management (SMM) and event marketing into one cloud-based enterprise event management platform. A well-executed strategic meetings management program (SMMP) - backed by Lanyon StarCiteTM, part of the Smart Events Cloud - helps companies achieve major meetings management goals and automate every part of their meeting and procurement process. 

Time To Face This Ironic Truth: We Do Not Learn From Experience

There, I said it.

People do not learn from experience. You may think you learn from experience but…

People only learn from reflecting on their experience. That’s the point author, facilitator and educator Sivasailam “Thiagi” Thiagarajan drives home in his writings and workshops.

The value of event apps


Event apps are more then just a trend they can be a great technological tool for event planners to organise more effective and interactive meetings.

Thorben Grosser led a campfire session at IMEX on event apps in events and give you some insight on how to chose and use it strategically.

Event Websites: 3 Things to Change Now

Seriously. The event website is more important than ever in this digital age. But the context has changed, both in terms of technology and communication. If you are not concerned with marketing efficiency, no-shows at events or getting more business you can skip this post.

NL: Workshop Event Model Generation

3 Oct 2014 09:00
3 Oct 2014 19:00
Kapellerput, Heeze, The Netherlands

Workshop Event Model Generation:

- offers insight in how events create value 

- trains event professionals how to design events

- facilitates the strategic discussion about events

- is a tool for strategic management

Membership makes sense


Peter Komornnik talks about why became a Meeting Design Institute member.

EIBTM14 The Global Meetings & Events Expo

18 Nov 2014 10:40
20 Nov 2014 18:00

MDI is active in many ways at EIBTM.

- NEW the INNOVATION ZONE! (AMEX, Many-Colors, Double Dutch and e-Touches)
   - you will discover some great innovative tools and companies
   - more than twenty presentations on innovative topic 
- The FRESH track  with 4 great and longer session in an creative environment
- The Video Corner (Sponsored by QuickMobile, E-Touches and produced by ABBIT) 
- The MDI stand to hang around 

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