This site gathers and shares all tools and services available to improve the outcome of meetings, conferences or events via change & innovation leading to positive impact for stake holders. It is about meeting design and the toolbox to get meetings more fun, better networking and learning.

5-Day Training: Certificate in Meeting Architecture

The 5-day training in Meeting Architecture is the most complete training available. Not only a meeting design process, but also a wide range of Tools, Techniques and science is addressed. A great training to bring a group of professionals or a region up to speed for the future of events. DOWNLOAD THE BELOW INFORMATION.

FRESH15: videos, quotes, pictures


The Beginner’s Guide to Live Reporting from Conferences

I won’t lie to you. Live reporting from conferences is a challenging task. An appointed live reporter needs to listen meticulously, type with lightning speed and publish more or less without typos in real time.

Engaging Delegates and Moving Minds

Engaging the meeting participants is the cheapest and easiest way to create great meeting experiences and high ROI.  The benefits of engagement are multiple, it increases:
  • motivation
  • learning,
  • networking,
  • ownership to decisions

PresMaster: your automated speaker preparation platform

PresMaster is your personal and automated presentation coach that will guide your speakers in the preparation process from the convenience of their offices. It offers coaching for speakers and peace of mind for event planners.

Encourage Conference Experiences That Lead To Practice-Rich Lives Not Knowledge-Rich Brains

Your conference doesn’t have to be the place that only offers expert lectures.

It doesn’t have to only offer authorized, approved speeches. Or one-way monologues and panel dialogues.

Actionable Event Analytics

How to use data from your mobile app to measure success for corporate meetings and events

Planning Your Content Strategy

How do your members respond to the content you produce? Can this be a measure of your success? As an association, can you adapt your already-existing content to appeal to different members? 

Boost the networking at your events

Networking is a crucial element in meetings and conferences.
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