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EIBTM Barcelona | The FRESH Track

19 Nov 2014 11:00
20 Nov 2014 15:00
EIBTM Barcelona
Make the most of your participation at EIBTM Barcelona and don't miss this opportunity to improve your knowledge on Meeting Design and to connect with great creative people who are moving the Meeting Industry forward. 

New MDI Member | InitLive

Tap Into Your Team, It’s Volunteer Management Gone Mobile!
InitLive takes a mobile-first approach to managing events and the most mobile of resources - the team on the ground.  InitLive equips event planners, event staff and volunteers with both a real-time communication system and a comprehensive scheduling service.  The cloud-based system includes a

The FRESH dinner in Las Vegas

The FRESH dinner in Las Vegas was hosted by the Keep Memory Alive Event Centre. This amazing venue by Frank Gehry has the creative character of the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao Spain.

15 Innovations in 15 minutes IMEX America 14

At the MDI stand in Las Vegas during IMEX14 our team presented 10 Innovations.

93 Hosted buyers signed up for our presentations on meeting design.
The presentation actually contained 15 innovations so all got at least 10 new ones. 

FestivalChairs served many purposes at IMEX Las Vegas...

FestivalChairs is a new MDI member and we used their corrugated cardboard chairs for our stand at IMEX America.  We stacked them as a decoration wall and took as many as we needed during presentations.

During our appointments with visitors (93 Hosted Buyers) we needed two to four. The chairs are printed based on our own design and sponsor branding.

New MDI Member | The Red Line Project


Discover, share and make events that last

Each meeting delegate holds unique knowledge. The Red Line Project helps you access this untapped wealth of information and create an interactive learning experience.

Enhance the value of your conference with an online content library

A conference organizer always strives to add extra value to a conference or an association. One idea is to add an online library to display conference content like presentations, audio streams and webcasts after the actual meeting is already closed.


Event insurance can be inexpensive, but the decision not to purchase could prove costly!
Apart from extreme weather conditions, the continuous threat of terrorism, political unrest in many countries and scientific warnings of another volcanic eruption in Iceland, we also have Ebola and the fear of its spread to consider. What next?

Dear Sponsors, My Event is Your Event

Recently, we created a post for social tables, Event Sponsorship: 4 Ways to Court a Sponsor, where we gave event professionals a few tips on how to get companies to invest in your event. It starts with building relationships, showing value, giving them an unbelievable offer and teaching them how to engage with attendees.
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