This site gathers and shares all tools and services available to improve the outcome of meetings, conferences or events via change & innovation leading to positive impact for stake holders. It is about meeting design and the toolbox to get meetings more fun, better networking and learning.


The FRESH conference is organised around meeting design. All our sponsors are companies with services in meeting design. All sponsors receive DISCOUNTED & FREE tickets for planners. The FRESH team connects planners to those sponsored tickets.

Crowdsourcing with mobile apps brings 'big data' to psychological research

A fast-paced game app where players pretend they are baggage screening officers operating airport x-ray scanners has provided researchers with billions of pieces of data in record time, according to an article published by the American Psychological Association.

Mobile devices offer researchers an

Decision 'cascades' in social networks

How do people in a social network behave? How are opinions, decisions and behaviors of individuals influenced by their online networks? Can the application of math help answer these questions?

Social Media Automation

When coming up with your social media strategy, do you include automation?

The Meetings Industry at Trade Shows

Elling Hamso gives Maarten Vanneste credit for changing the way the Meetings Industry is represented today at trade shows such as ibtm world (formerly EIBTM) by introducing a new category of exhibitors - those who support the content side of meetings.

Survey Report: The State of the Meeting Design Industry

The Meeting Design Industry Is Growing

New MDI Member | Time2

We connect savvy business people!
Time2: event networking made easy.


Onsite delegate management made easy with Cvent's OnArrival

During EIBTM14 we interviewed David Chalmers, Marketing Director of Cvent to know more about their new tool for event organisers - OnArrival. 
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