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An individual or organisation that provides input for current or future courses, degrees, certifications in Meeting Architecture. The input can come from existing professions, disciplines or sciences.

The International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations (ISPSO)

The International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations (ISPSO) provides a forum for academics, clinicians, consultants and others interested in working in and with organizations utilizing psychoanalytic concepts and insights.

The Society's aim is to share organizational research, consultation and experiences in the context of psychoanalysis. The ISPSO holds an annual meeting and symposium, locally organized study groups and ongoing discussions on the Internet and encourages scholarship and research in the field.

The Power of Unconscious Thought: Does It Result in Creative Problem-Solving?

No doubt many of us have all experienced a situation where, after long hours of trying to solve a certain problem, we give up, and go get a break, only to come back and solve the problem within moments. This appears to be a somewhat commonplace situation. However, the science behind it is much more complex. According to the authors of the study – Professor Adam Galinsky of the Kellogg School of Management, Chen-Bo Zhong from the University of Toronto and Ap Dijkstererhuis of Radboud University Nijmegen – unconscious thought results in creative problem-solving in a two step process.

Make participants change behaviour based on the conference

The American Robert Cialdini is professor in psychology and marketing at the Arizona State University. He is seen as the global authority in influencing.At conferences, that is what we try to accomplish: influence participants so they change behaviour and have an impact. Cialdini has defined six principles of influencing others, of which a few can be applied as techniques during meetings and conferences. The most interesting one is the commitment and consistency principle.

Building sleep reserves for that coming conference?

Heavy conference ahead with early committee meetings and late night “networking” events? Try sleeping more than usual in the weeks prior to the conference.  Research by the American Sleep expert Tracy Rupp with 24 subjects makes her concludes that you can accumulate sleep for ‘use’ in periods of ‘scarcity’.Half of the test group had to be in bed 10 hours a night for a week and the other half 8 hours.

Ms. Riikka Pollanen

The University has two programs in Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Specialization lines:
- MICE Management
- Management of Nature and Soft Adventure Tourism

The Bachelor's degrees awarded, while based on theory and sciences, have a clearly pronounced occupational and applied emphasis. They are specifically designed to respond to the demands and development needs of business and industry.

Department: Tourism and Hospitality Management
Lahti University of Applied Sciences
Lahti, Finland


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