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John Nawn helps in designing creative and innovative meeting formats for higher effectiveness. He is a speaker on the topic of Meeting design.

Applying new research to meeting Architecture

How can we work together to apply new scientific discoveries to meetings? I was just reviewing a long list of research studies issued this week through Science Digest and posting a few that related to meeting planning and learning to the Meeting Support website. Every week there are many scientific studies that have practical implications to the Architecture of meetings. I am afraid that we miss too many opportunities for improving the effectiveness of meetings and are slow to adopt beneficial practices because we do not have the time or resources to review and apply these new discoveries.

Adult Learning

An Overview
As you well know, the area of adult learning is extremely broad. The information in this section will certainly not do justice to all of the information that has been published on this subject. What you will find here are some of the main points that are examined in ADE 5385 (Adult Learning). As usual, check your list of readings from this class for a fuller picture of what adult learning includes.

Emotions, Learning and Education

Summary Report from an OECD-CER Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark

As there are 34 000 classified emotions, the question arises as to how are teachers supposed to recognize and deal with the emotional states of their students, when most of the time the students don’t even know what they are feeling themselves.....
Is it possible to develop a coherent framework for dealing with emotions that does not produce confusion?

Lifelong Learning

From Lifelong Education to Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning - along with ideas such as 'the learning society' - has become popular with politicians and policymakers in a number of countries. But what do people mean by it?
Is the idea of lifelong learning helpful?

Contents: education is life - lifelong education - lifelong learning - conclusion  - further reading  

Follow the leader: How those in charge make themselves known

Follow the Leader: How Those in Charge Make Themselves Known

ScienceDaily (Apr. 2, 2010) — Do you find yourself leading groups, or are you naturally more comfortable following others? New research shows that if you want to be a leader you're better off at the edges of a crowd, and not in the middle of the action.



Discover the new IML device with built in microphone, texting and of course the voting (ARS). A new bundle of interactivity in the hands of the meeting participants…

Powering meetings towards an effective experience and networking booster

Allan and Barbara Pease remind us that 80% of men can do only one thing at a time. So what about all those speakers showing slides, overloaded with text, while they keep on talking?

And the movie industry proves us that it is possible to keep an audience attention during 2 hours non-stop. So, what is their secret?

'Meeting effectiveness' is very much under attack today. How can we change meetings into an effective and motivating experience?  

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Computer Simulations Can Be as Effective as Direct Observation

ScienceDaily (Feb. 14, 2010) — Students can learn some science concepts just as well from computers simulations as they do from direct observation, new research suggests.

A study found that people who used computer simulations to learn about moon phases understood the concepts just as well -- and in some cases better -- than did those who learned from collecting data from viewing the moon.

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