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Creative production within the budget

According to Erwin Dielens, from The ROC, propose affordable creative solutions is possible. And being creative, doing something affordable and getting out of the comfort zone can be the key elements to plan a more interactive and effective meeting. So dare to take risks! Innovate!

The value of event apps

Event apps are more then just a trend they can be a great technological tool for event planners to organise more effective and interactive meetings.

Thorben Grosser led a campfire session at IMEX on event apps in events and give you some insight on how to chose and use it strategically.

Membership makes sense

Peter Komornnik talks about why became a Meeting Design Institute member.

Presenting: the Meeting Design Institute

Dominika Fudala talks about the change from Meeting Support Institute to Meeting Design Institute in order to better communicate the range of s

How Geo Fencing works with Topi Mobile app

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Geo-Fencing allows meeting organizers to set - in a simple way - areas on the map where the Topi Mobile app works.

Joel-Zvi Chetzroni explains the new application for sharing digital posters content in mobile devices

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Joel-Zvi Chetzroni from Multieposter explains the evolution of their tool.

Eventforce is supporting Event Management Professionals Across the globe

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Topi Mobile: The Mobile Solution Optimized for Collisions

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FRESH14 Conference Partner and MSI Member.
Topi provides a complete solution to connect all event participants and optimize engagement before, during, and after any event — from small corporate gatherings to large conferences or tradeshows.

Built with mobile first in mind, event planners can quickly set up Topi through a self-serve dashboard and get access to real-time event analytics during the event.


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