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Jon Schäffer

Jon Shaffer explains how Conferize Platform works.

Jon Schaffer, Conferize EIBTM 2012 from Meeting Support Institute on Vimeo.

Want to know more about Hybrid and Virtual meetings?

If you want to know more about Hybrid and Virtual Meetings... See the following presentation and seminar:

1. Hybrid meetings, what's all the fuzz about? A presentation about Hybrid and Virtual Meetings. How did all start? A case from Alcon company presented at EMIF 2012.

2. Eleven short presentations about Hybrid and Virtual Meetings. From a Seminar which took place in Belgium in 2010. 


MULTIEPOSTER redefines ePosters! Understanding the natural reading flow of a scientific poster can be very difficult and lead to misinterpretation, especially in an electronic format.

Joel-Zvi Hetzroni explains how Multieposter works and the advantages in the video below.

What is an ePoster
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