Language Of Music Really Is Universal, Study Finds

ScienceDaily (Mar. 20, 2009) — Native African people who have never even listened to the radio before can nonetheless pick up on happy, sad, and fearful emotions in Western music, according to a new report published online on March 19th in Current Biology. The result shows that the expression of those three basic emotions in music can be universally recognized, the researchers said.

Dinner effectiveness with CLAMP

After a nice dinner in London last week, I’m not sure about the business model many restaurants have.

The meal was perfect and most ingredients were present to have a great dinner, but the one or two thing I feel should change to increase the dinner’s effectiveness.

The three right ingredients were a Conversation topic, a Light meal and a Private space.

Chocolate, Wine And Tea Improve Brain Performance


ScienceDaily (2008-12-24) -- All that chocolate might actually help finish the bumper Christmas crossword over the seasonal period. According to Oxford researchers working with colleagues in Norway, chocolate, wine and tea enhance cognitive performance. ... > read full article

Totaly relaxing

If you think relaxation, or even napping at conference should be an accepted best practice, here is news for you.
With a little bit of AV (light and sound) you can now create the best relaxing environment in the world at your conference.
Add one hostess that gently wakes up individuals at the time they wish and the greatest relaxing service at conferences is now ready to welcome the stressed or tired.
A conference venue could even invest in a permanent relax room that with a simple switch of a button can be turned on or off.

Learn more on an empty stomach?

Researchers from the Yale School of Medicine discovered in 2006 that Gherline, a hormone secreted by an empty stomach not just triggers the hunger signal to the brain. In Mice (plural of mouse, nit as in MICE industry) that hormone also resulted in better learning and remembering.  This makes sense: when you are hungry, as an animal, you go look for food, and it is crucial that you are able to remember where there is food to e found. If you don’t, you die; natural selection.

Richer bouquet with Jimmy Hendrix

Put the record on when presenting someone a cabernet Sauvignon, Rock will do. The wine will be more robust and taste stronger than if presented with no music. The same wine will taste much milder when enjoyed with a romantic ballad.  Listening to music can influence the taste of wine. ‘Cognitive Priming’ lies at the base of this effect, according to researchers at the Heriot-Watt University of Edinburgh.

Building sleep reserves for that coming conference?

Heavy conference ahead with early committee meetings and late night “networking” events? Try sleeping more than usual in the weeks prior to the conference.  Research by the American Sleep expert Tracy Rupp with 24 subjects makes her concludes that you can accumulate sleep for ‘use’ in periods of ‘scarcity’.Half of the test group had to be in bed 10 hours a night for a week and the other half 8 hours.

Is (day) light really valuable for meetings?

Use natural light.
Whenever possible, try to arrange for meetings (or breakout sessions) outside the classic four-wall meeting room. Windows that let in natural light keep people energized and contribute to mental stimulus. "Windows make a huge difference in our ability to think big and be open-minded" .

Patrick De Wit

Patrick De Wit is a clinical neurologist, interested in rehabilitation of people. Diseases of the brain are the most important reason for learning and attention disorders.
In his function as Medical Director he is involved in the daily issues about learning, teaching and networking between medical doctors in and outside the hospital.

Department Neurology    AZ Sint Jozef    Malle, Belgium

Digital natives have different brain

The Digital native is anyone younger than 25 (in 2006) that was born in the digital age. The digital immigrants are the older generation that was not. Neuroscientists now say that there is a physical difference in the brains of these two categories.

Also: The Digital natives have CPA, Continues Partial Attention. Digital natives call, send text messages and pictures, play games, download music, and watch commercials all at the same time.  

Warm body keeps the head cool

Finnish research made a number of volunteers solve puzzles and tests at 10° Celsius during a few days. These volunteers did significantly worse that a control group at 25° Celsius. (20° Celsius is normal room temperature.) Conclusion, Cold has a negative impact on performance of the brain, because it distracts from the task at hand.



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