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Topi Mobile: The Mobile Solution Optimized for Collisions

FRESH14 Conference Partner and MSI Member.
Topi provides a complete solution to connect all event participants and optimize engagement before, during, and after any event — from small corporate gatherings to large conferences or tradeshows.

Built with mobile first in mind, event planners can quickly set up Topi through a self-serve dashboard and get access to real-time event analytics during the event. new MSI Member and FRESH Conference Partner

Web-based application for increasing audience interaction with live questions and polls, winner of the ETA2013, Best New Event Tech Startup Award“, gives a voice to your audience. It is a web-based application for event planners to easily engage their audience with live questions and polls.

Everybody can ask and vote for the best questions, which can be displayed live to everyone in the audience. However event planners always stay in control thanks to an intuitive moderation.

Why you must be hand in glove with your potential participants

Attracting participants to conferences is one of the main challenges for all event organizers. What can help is making your event client-oriented and “exclusive”. Interesting topics, discussions of vital issues, famous speakers and thought-leaders, unusual event format... Right. But I'd like to focus on one of the best motivators for people to attend an event, that is personal engagement in preparation of this event. Conferences are organized for attendees, so that they get answers to their professional questions, share ideas and opinions, meet peers.

The Art Of Changing The Attendees’ Brain: Conference Style by MidCourse Corrections

Usually our view of conference education is an expert at the front of the room doling out their knowledge through witty repartee.

The speaker stands on a stage, behind a podium, towering above the audience as if dispensing expertise from on high. Conference organizers and speakers view the audience as those that need the expert’s help. The experts then hand their assistance down to the attendees through their spoken word.

EIBTM13 Barcelona: ALL the MSI Education and Networking activities

This page shows you ALL the FRESH educational sessions, the FRESH dinner and other things the MSI is doing during EIBTM 2013. Find our stand and our 'HQ hotel'.
Meeting Support Institute has developed a full education and networking program for EIBTM Trade Show in Barcelona: FRESH Dinner, FRESH Track, Video Corner,... Do not miss it!

Will That Be on the Test?

Toward the end of the 19th century, the German scientist Hermann Ebbinghaus concocted an experiment that countless children have unwittingly replicated ever since, over a morning bowl of Alpha-Bits. Ebbinghaus took consonants from the alphabet, slapped a random vowel between them, and, voila! some 2,300 nonsense syllables were born. For years, Ebbinghaus practiced these syllables at random, learning and re-learning until he had mastered the material.

Surprise! Neural Mechanism May Underlie an Enhanced Memory for the Unexpected

ScienceDaily (Feb. 25, 2010) — The human brain excels at using past experiences to make predictions about the future. However, the world around us is constantly changing, and new events often violate our logical expectations. "We know these unexpected events are more likely to be remembered than predictable events, but the underlying neural mechanisms for these effects remain unclear," says lead researcher, Dr. Nikolai Axmacher, from the University of Bonn in Germany.

Quickmobile MSI Sponsor Member

QuickMobile is the global leader of feature-rich event apps for meetings, conferences, and exhibitions. Our apps delight audiences by enhancing the way they network, schedule activities, engage with content, and access information.

Since 2006, QuickMobile has created thousands of mobile solutions for clients in 34 countries. All our event apps are built on a highly secure, enterprise-grade platform that aligns with any corporate mobile strategy, and have the flexibility and scalability to fit any kind of event, regardless of size.

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