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From Boring To Beneficial Conference Education

Let’s face it. Most conference education is yawn-stirring, sleepy-eyed, ho-hum, day-old soggy Melba-toast tasting boring.

It makes root-canals seem fun!

Regardless, the human brain loves to learn.

In spite of our age, culture, gender and race, our brains are designed to always be on the prowl for new things to discover and experience. The brain is genetically programmed to learn. It’s in our DNA.
Our brains love to learn!

Most Organizations Are Victims To Pedagogy – Instructor-Centered Education

Most organizations use an outdated model to provide education to its customers and team.
They are victims to instructor-centered or expert-centered education.

They follow a pedagogic model of education. Unfortunately, this greatly hinders active inquiry which is the basis for learning.

Pedagogy: Instructor-Focused Education

Pedagogy literally means the art and science of educating children. It is often used as a synonym for teaching.

Our Ability To Learn Has Deep Roots In Our Ability To Talk To Others

Listening is often the only thing attendees do in formal learning environments.

Speakers talk. Audiences listen.

They listen to keynote speakers at conferences. They listen to presenters in workshops.
They listen to industry speakers in education sessions. They listen to staff in HR trainings.

The truth is that all that listening amounts to very little learning or change in attitudes, behaviors and skills.

Talking Is More Important Than Listening

Attributes Of Effective Learning Strategies

The Meal Needs More Than Just The Right Ingredients
I do believe in sound ingredients that can be combined and recombined in many ways to create a simple or elegant meal. The difference in the meal is not usually grounded in the ingredients. It’s usually in the specific combinations used as well as the experience and sophistication of the chef.
Sometimes these ingredients can make flaky biscuits.

Want to know more about Hybrid and Virtual meetings?

If you want to know more about Hybrid and Virtual Meetings... See the following presentation and seminar:

1. Hybrid meetings, what's all the fuzz about? A presentation about Hybrid and Virtual Meetings. How did all start? A case from Alcon company presented at EMIF 2012.

2. Eleven short presentations about Hybrid and Virtual Meetings. From a Seminar which took place in Belgium in 2010. 

What can songs teach us about presentations?

Popular songs catch and keep your attention

Verse - chorus - verse - chorus - verse.
Listen to the radio and you will see for yourself: this is the structure of the typical songs we hear every day. And I suggest we can ‘take that’ as the framework we should embed in our presentations too.
“Verse-Chorus: a musical form common in popular music where the chorus is highlighted.“ (Wikipedia)
In the verse the singer plays the main role; the lyrics dominate and the story flows and develops.

The Adolescent Brain: (Awkward) Window of Opportunity

(Psychology Today) With the onset of puberty, the beginning of adolescence is marked by pronounced hormonal changes in the human body. During this developmental period, increasing levels of growth hormones, gonadal steroids and adrenal androgens trigger a host of noticeable physiological changes that have become to be identified with pubertal maturation, such as the typical teenage growth spurts and amplified sexual dimorphism.

Even as grown-ups, we need those, “Look what I did!” moments.

(Psychology Today) I don’t know about you, but as a kid I loved playing with Legos. I never distinguished myself as a budding architect, and in those days, the suite of Lego building solutions wasn’t nearly as extensive as it is today. But I wiled away many a contented hour snapping those little bits and pieces together. I think I could probably get a reasonable house-like object together. On a good day, I suppose a somewhat personish thingy was not out of the question. I don’t really remember exactly what I made. I remember the rich colors.

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