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EventDrive is an online platform for Event Intelligence. It covers all aspects of event communication and in depth ROI and trend analysis. It is based on 17 years of field experience and over 4000 event-productions of CEO and founder Danny Stevens.

Services: Project Management

Will a Harvard Professor's New Technology Make College Lectures a Thing of the Past?

ecturing.professor.jpg Another sign that the college lecture might be dying: Harvard University physics professor Eric Mazur is championing the "flipped classroom," a model where information traditionally transferred during lectures is learned on a student's own time, and classroom time is spent discussing and applying knowledge to real-world situations.

Vision (UK)

Future Lab’s bi-annual magazine offers possible visions of the future of learning with digital technologies and other innovative resources. This magazine focuses on education, but most of the information can be used in meetings. You just have to replace the word student by delegate and teacher by meeting planner.

Turning Meetings Upside Down


The No. 1 thing that people will tell you is that the value for the meeting was what happened outside the meeting rooms. I know one meeting planner who does something really cool: She puts flip charts near the coffeepots. She found that if you're talking to somebody, you need paper.

Secrets of Effective Meetings and Events

Written by a planner, for other planners, this book touches many M&E management issues from a practical day-to-day point of view. Whether you are an experienced meeting planner or you are making your first steps into this challenging world, this book is your survival guide to make meetings and events more effective.
You will be introduced in new and attracting meeting and networking formats and you discover the tools to create your own innovative formats.

26 Tips for Designing Great Webcasts & Webinars

It seems like webcasts at conferences are popping up all over the place.  I believe that webcasts are going to become an important virtual component of face 2 face meetings in the future. 

John Martinez (Speaker)

John has 25 years of experience in software development for the meetings industry and conference management. John comes from a strong PCO background, as past General Manager of Congrex Holland and is the co-founder of Shocklogic. John is a frequent speaker at industry events and has written several papers on project management, abstract management and other meeting related issues.

Live Communication Agency

Creating an environment which is brand sensitive and helps accelerate the objectives of your event is key. De Otter Creators offer a truly creative approach in the field of live communications specialising in the creation, development and direction of effective live communication concepts, which always have their roots in the customer's original marketing strategy.

Can 100 oranges brainstorm?

On-line brainstorming in a nutshell on Vimeo.

Synthetron helps you take better decisions and implement faster.

If you want to know how this online brainstorming tool works, have a look the following video. Maarten Vanneste demostrates it with a "fruit vase".


MYROI, a confidential, post-event report detailing the results of an educational experience including application of an attendee's learning to their job, impacts of post-event job achievement and an individual ROI computation, will be introduced to Meeting Professionals International’s (MPI) World Education Conference (WEC) registrants this July by MeetingMetrics

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