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Mijn Blokje (My Brick) : Personalize your Lego (r)!

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"Mijn Blokje" (My Brick) is a new initiative that provides you with personalized Lego(r) for different purposes. Albeit for gifts, educational purposes (round table, info sessions, workshops, ...), or as name tags for meetings, we engrave Lego (r) completely for your own purpose and goals. We offer different items such as magnets, key chains, bricks engraved with names, job titles, texts, ...

Meeting Trends Podcast Series - How the Web Can Help you run an association.

Bernd Nixdorf

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Bernd Nixdorf has a degree in Sociology and is Managing Director of OptionFinder Rhein-Ruhr KG. This role involves consulting with Meeting Planners, Product Managers and creative Game Show Developers on how Audience Response Systems can improve their meetings, training and entertainment events.

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